• Tone, Strengthen and Firm
  • Only 15 Minutes Per Day
  • Designed for ABS, Buttocks, Arms, Legs


EMS Abs Trainer

The EMSTONER10 Abs Trainer gives a concentrated workout to the abdominal region. The training gear is designed to fit on your abs perfectly while the EMS technology works directly on your abdominal muscles. Giving you thousands of abdominal muscle contraction per 15 minute use.

EMS Buttocks Trainer

The EMSTONER10 Buttocks Trainer gives a concentrated workout to your buttocks. The pads Produce slow electrical pulses causing your muscles to contract and relax. This impulses mimic the actions that comes from the central nervous system when you are exercising your muscles naturally. The EMS technology works to give a firmer and toned buttocks and hips.

EMS Biceps Trainer

The EMSTONER10 Bicep Trainer gives you the ultimate concentrated workout for your arms targeting the bicep and tricep. Electrical pulses will run through your arms contracting your muscles. Combine this with a healthy diet and other workout routines to get in elite shape.


Train Anywhere Anytime

In just 20 minutes tone your body while on the couch, reading a book or chatting on a business call. Let the technology do the work for you! Combine EMS with a healthy diet and active lifestyle for best results!

Electric Muscle Stimulation

EMS technology generates deep penetrating, evenly distributed contractions that provide a safe and complete workout to abs, waist, arms, legs and buttocks - all in half the time of a typical exercise routine!

Performance Proven

This innovative technology has become an integral part of the celebrity, sports and A-lister lifestyle, with a tried and true track record in the the fitness community that is finally available now for convenient use in the comfort of your own home or local gym! Combine with a healthy diet and regular cardio for optimal results.

How EMSTONER10 Works

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